Legal Information


Legal Information

The following legal information applies to all visitors to the Belambra Clubs website (hereafter referred to as the "Website"). In accessing this website, visitors agree to comply with these conditions unreservedly and in full.



This Website is published by: Belambra Club, a French SAS (simplified joint-stock company) capitalised at €28,712,160 registered in the Nanterre trade and companies registry under number 322 706 136. Registered office: 63 avenue du Général Leclerc 92340 BOURG LA REINE, Tel.: +33 (0)1 77 70 90 00 (hereafter referred to as the "Company"). Registered in the French register of tour and holiday operators (Registre des Opérateurs de voyages et de séjours) under number IM092120049. Financial guarantee: underwritten by GROUPAMA Assurance-Crédit, 8-10, Rue d’Astorg, 75008 Paris. Professional Public Liability Insurance: AXA France IARD 26 rue Drouot 75009 Paris - France. The Website publisher is the legal representative of the Company. The Website is hosted by ITS Integra– 42 Rue de Bellevue–92100 Boulogne-Billancourt– Tel.: +33 (0)1 78 89 35 00.



The information contained within the Website is intended solely as a corporate presentation of the business activities of Belambra Clubs. Belambra Clubs reserves the right to change the content of the Website at any time and without prior notice. Similarly, Belambra Clubs also reserves the right to interrupt or suspend all or part of the functions offered by the Website at any time and without prior notice. Belambra Clubs strives to ensure and check the veracity of the information provided and to keep the Website up to date. However, no guarantee is offered regarding the accuracy, precision, update status or comprehensive nature of the information provided on the Website.



All images, data in the broad sense of the term, trademarks, photographs, logotypes and domain names shown on the Website are either the property of Belambra Clubs or are authorised for such use by their respective owners. Any use made of any document or item of information appearing on the Website, whether in the form of reproduction, modification, computer processing, distortion or distribution, whether in part or in full, is subject to prior written permission by Belambra Clubs, with the sole exception of copies intended exclusively for private, non-commercial use. Any unauthorised use of the Website or its content would engage the personal liability of the user concerned, and would constitute a counterfeit infringement subject to the application of penalties under the terms of the French Intellectual Property Code. Any linking or framing of the Website is strictly prohibited. Consequently, no component part of any page of the Website may be partially or totally disseminated, transferred or inserted into another Website without express authorisation.



In order to facilitate access to other websites likely to provide additional information, Belambra Clubs has included a number of links within its Website. Nevertheless, Belambra Clubs will accept no responsibility whatsoever in respect of a third-party website accessed by any user via the Website. Belambra Clubs has no control over the content of these third-party websites. Users of the Website accept sole responsibility for any use made of a hypertext link to any other website. External websites may contain hypertext links to the Website. No such link may be installed without the prior written agreement of Belambra Clubs.



When viewing the content of our Website, data may be saved on your computer or mobile device in small files known as "Cookies". The purpose of this page is therefore to explain what a Cookie is, what it is used for and how it may be configured.

5.1. Definition of the Cookie

A Cookie is a simple text file stored on your computer or mobile device when you view content or advertising. This Cookie file can be read only by its originator. Its content identifies your device for a limited validity period.

5.2. The nature and purpose of Cookies

There are three types of Cookie, which are used for the purposes described below, and are saved to your device when visiting our Website:

a. Technical Cookies

These are strictly necessary for browsing our Website and accessing our products and services. More specifically, technical cookies allow us to adapt the way in which the Website is presented to suit the display of your device (shopping cart management, saving the research criteria you use during the session, etc.), or saving passwords and other data relating to any form you may have completed on the Website (registration or access to your customer account). These Cookies cannot be deactivated or configured without preventing further access to the Website and/or the services offered by the Website.

b. Audience Measurement Cookies

These Cookies are transmitted by ourselves or our technical service providers in order to measure the audience using individual areas of content and sections of our Website for the purpose of evaluation and improved organisational structure. In some cases, these Cookies also enable detection of browsing issues as the basis for making our services more user-friendly. The maximum lifespan of Audience Measurement Cookies is 13 months.

c. Cookies inserted by Belambra in websites hosting our advertising

When you visit a website/app containing Belambra advertising, this advertising may contain a Cookie. Subject to the choices you make, this Cookie may be saved on your device to enable us to identify the browser used by your device during the Cookie validity period.

These Cookies are used to:

count the number of advertisements and advertising content activations via third-party websites/apps, identify this content and these websites/apps, and calculate the number of users clicking on each item of content

calculate the fees payable to individual advertising channel contributors (communication agency, media buyer, advertising website/media) and gather statistics

adapt the appearance of the Website when linked to by our advertising content so that it adopts the display preferences of your device (language, display resolution, etc.) when you visit our Website and is appropriate to the display and/or access hardware and software used by your device

track the subsequent browsing activity of your device when visiting websites/apps or other advertising content containing our Cookies

5.3. Your Cookie options

a. Accept Cookies

By using our Website, you agree to the use of the Cookies referred to above. Nevertheless, you may opt at any time to deactivate all or some of these Cookies, with the exception of the Technical Cookies essential for the operation of the Website, as described above. Your browser may also be configured to flag up Cookies downloaded to your device and ask you whether or not you wish to accept them.

b. Reject one or more Cookies via your browser software

You may opt at any time to deactivate all or some Cookies. Your browser may also be configured to flag up Cookies downloaded to your device and ask you whether or not you wish to accept them (on a case-by-case basis or to accept/reject all Cookies). We would remind you once again that deactivating all Cookies will prevent you from using our Website correctly.



Belambra Clubs accepts no liability whatsoever regarding the following issues and any implications they may have for Website users:

• errors or omissions published on the Website

• any direct or indirect prejudice, regardless of its causes, nature or consequences, which may result from accessing or using the Website, including accessibility, data loss, damage, destruction or virus issues affecting the user's hardware and/or the presence of viruses on this Website

• any consequences arising as a result of changes made to Website content



The Website has been designed and is hosted in France. The Website and its content are governed exclusively by French law. Any dispute or litigation will be subject to French jurisdiction.


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